The operation of TrackCERT with blockchain is to identify relevant use cases and to provide transparent and incorruptible self auditing technology for education sector world wide.


Let your students across the world feed, review and store information permanently without the possibility of any modification or loss while access high quality of syllabus.


Eliminate the risk of any sort of malicious attacks with the assurance that there’s no central point of failure. Because of the decentralised nature of the Blockchain technology that we provide.

Reduced Cost

Remove the end to end cost concurred by the involvement of third parties or middlemen to verify the authenticity of the certificates. An advantage that this Blockchain application provides.

Standardise Audit Records

Tackle identity management by enhancing security with proliferation of student records.


Transforming the way we learn, work and grow!

At Ibhaan, we give your education network security, transparency and the economy it deserves
with our world class expertise in Blockchain solutions.

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