What We Offer

Strenuous, offline and face to face engagements with multiple entities have been the norm of Real Estate, however, our Blockchain can help you transact high value asset via easy, secure and decentralised digital channels.

Decentralised Leasing and Renting

Alleviate the pain involved in searching and listing your property. Powered by Blockchain. our digital contracts ensure that your rental agreement is devoid of fraud, red-tape and human error.

Real Estate investment Trust

Experience the benefit of additional benefits with Distributed ledger technology (DLT), Whether you’re a developer, builder, renter or a broker, we’ll help you create a liquid investment vehicle.

Land Registry

Negate the risks that can occur between transacting parties by tracing the time back to the original owner of the property. With crypto signatures and time-stamped ownership transfer.

Monitor Integrity

Enhance the authentication of property management by decentralising your global networks.


A smart and secure way to invest in real estate

At Ibhaan, our Blockchain solutions help you do this with periodic checks on rental revenue, entity authorisation and asset management

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