What We Offer

Communicate the manufacturing details instantly and accurately to the end consumer to distinctly identify your brand. All with our encrypted QR code with smart marking and coding across industries.

Unique Identity

Use our immutable unique QR code for a wide range of your products, all with utmost security/ Experience a leading platform that is designed to be not just tamper proof, but also fights counterfeits.

Counterfeit Identification

Enjoy a complete, comprehensive, end to end protection against malware and fake products in the market with immediate counterfeit identification and reporting.


Use our leading consumer facing mobile application. A platform developed to provide you with one of the quickest and easiest methods of verifying product authenticity intuitively and on the go.

Global Solutions

Secure your range of products and service line globally. With our multi layer international security program, you can rest assured that your organisations network is in safe hands.

Technologically advanced

Employ our latest host of machine learning, computer vision, Blockchain and cryptography. With our cutting edge technology and expertise, you can be sure that innovation is a click away.

Real time data

Make the most of our application which is programmed to function on-the-fly. All to ensure that all the possible counterfeiter are not just identified, but are also tracked and reported instantly.

Real Time Authetication Verification

Monitor product authentication instantly with
intuitive and user-friendly mobile application.


A smart and secure way for anti-counterfeiting

At Ibhaan, our latest unique QR code technology ensures that no matter which industry you
operate in, it enjoys the superior levels of mobility, authenticity and innovation.

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