What We Offer

Expertise in the connected automobile technologies with a focus in communication and autonomous vehicles. Digitisation of IoT-compatible cars will create a secure and transparent collaboration between your business, consumers and even vehicles.

Supply chain

Let your automobile supply chain work like clockwork with DLT. By amalgamating hundreds of vehicle parts from around the world. And ensuring that you enjoy an efficient way of tracking components from end to end.


Log in your vehicle’s sensor data to decentralised network in an immutable way. Rest assured that the documentation of a blockchain black box will help you resolve the circumstances in the event of an accident

Vehcile Record

The more connected a vehicle is, the more susceptible it is to cyber attacks. With strong cryptographic roots that cannot be reverse-engineered, Blockchain nodes are the perfect place to store data that cannot be changed.

Efficient Manufacturing

Store data for quality-inspection records created during the manufacturing process to WIP information for each vehicle assembly, from start to finish.


A smart and secure way to invest in crypto

At Ibhaan, we give your automobile enterprise the momentum by combining our Blockchain experience and the latest and relevant cutting-edge automotive know-how.
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