What We Offer

End to end logistic solutions that make your supply chain run like clockwork. With better traceability and transparency in a scalable, secure and a decentralised global network across industries.


Empower the analyst, officials, mission personnels of the Defence Department with immutable transparent data solutions like IoT. To monitor, maintain and optimise military assets with a secure optimised and legit operational efficiency.


Bridge the gap between suppliers and retailers with a immutable Blockchain network. All the while ensuring that farmers across the world receive fair payments for their produce and retailers with the verification about their transaction.


Empower manufacturers, consumers and retailers to keep a better check on stock. With better control on what is manufactured, sold and distributed. This decentralised nature means you can track the location and chronology with greater ease.


Monitor and track the condition of contents from source to destination with IoT. This Blockchain based solution ensures trustworthy data transfer across the logistics ecosystem with data validation.

Freight Forwarder

Connect and work with fellow freight forwarders in an environment that is highly classified and secure. With the utmost ease, efficiency and economy. Track your customers cargo in real time to keep the logistics provider in loop at all times.

Public Distribution

Gain traceability and control of this public supply chain in a safe, sound and a secure network. From food to medicine aids, manage the information of the suppliers and customers intact. Using barcodes, QR Codes or a RFID transmitter.

Real Time Tracking

From source to destination, track, monitor and control every step of your cargo’s journey to
make key decisions on the go with advanced telematics Blockchain technology.


A smart and secure way to invest in crypto

At Ibhaan, we give your supply chain the end-to-end visibility, mobility and optimisation with
our Blockchain know-how and support.

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