What We Offer

A safe and speedy public sector Blockchain experience to reduce frauds, accelerate processes, eliminate human intervention and enhance transparent transactions.

Land Registry

Ensure the land being bought is the correct plot, and the seller is unequivocally the owner. Minimising the disputes, as well as the money and time involved, for all given transactions giving you utmost traceability.

Crime Ledger

Leverage a federated digital solution in which Governments, banks and service providers can work together to create an immutable log of decentralised network.

Vehicle Registry

Reduce the risk of fraud and attacks with limiting data updates only to authorised personnel using a private key. With a single, comprehensive view of the vehicle lifecycle using smart contracts.

Civil Ledger

Secure and simplify the record of classified civilian information, making it simple for Government sector to monitor and use critical public sector data while maintaining the security of this information.

Intellectual Property

Keep the information of the patents and copyrights of your products and services with a smarter. tamper-proof and more secure data log that Blockchain provides you to operate in.


Affix the authorised seal and signature to a wide host of certified documents. By using cryptography and a highly safe public key to create, maintain and share digital certificates across the world.

Accelerated Process

Do away with third party vendors and middlemen to increase the speed of key decision making in the public transaction ecosystem with ease.


A smart and secure way to invest in crypto

At Ibhaan, we give your governance the absolute overview, control and security with our Blockchain offering for a wide host of public facets.

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