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  • 1. The consumers, Pollution Control Officials and the Manufactures can download the ICPA App from the Play Store on both Android and ios Mobiles.

    2. There is an Encrypted Dynamic QR code Printed on each Compostable bag with unique number.

    3. To Scan the QR Code, kindly switch on the Location and Internet

    4. Scan the QR Code and if the Bag is Original it will extract the Information and display all the required information as shown in the sample pictures in the pages below

    5. There is also the CPCB Certificate attached which is issued to the respective manufacturers.

    6. The Pollution Control Board and the Nodal Government Officials should scan couple of Bags to check the Unique ID of each bag.

    7. Once the QR Code is scanned we get the Analytical Data of scanned location with coordinates along with the Mobile Number of scanned device.