Textiles, Fabrics & made ups

Brand labels have immense value proposition to the consumers. It is not only the styles but a Signature of consumer confidence in manufacturer’s quality. However, the growing demand supplies / gaps and ever changing styles, enables the creation of fake and look alike products. Short and sweet time frames for counterfeiters to capitalize the markets.

We at IBHAAN, being consumers first, have designs and processes that provision the detection of BRAND Ownerships on the go. Most importantly, the fakes and look alike are detectable on the spot with track and trace programs, with extensive custom designed analytical tools that helps the owners and supply chains through consumer integrated interfaces.

It is not just LABELS any more in coming days, it is a dynamically variable content of manufacturers and consumers information source linked among other things that caters to the revenue enhancements and loss prevention.

If you are conscious of your BRAND, it is the right place to meet. Contact us and we will ensure that you protect us, the consumers with your rightful ownership.

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