Legal & Courts

Nothing in this world is void of duplicities and frauds. When confronted with fact finding investigation processes the courts rely on evidences. The evidences to be conclusive, the investigators have to corroborate several sets of information leading to establishment of facts that are acceptable for value judgments.

As is known, it is a time consuming process, the investigations may not only take time but may lead to evidences on circumstantial basis. More importantly, there are innumerable cases where the documents are faked, leading to misleading the litigants or further delays in determination of facts.

We at IBHAAN, develop programs that assist the investigators / attorneys to be assured of ownerships of evidences. The programs offer linkages to all material world things that are to be evidenced with referential integrities and we design the systems and processes that are referred to as conclusive in nature.

If you are an investigator or from law fraternity, we will be proving your value systems based on our end to end security systems, comprising of comprehensive security process modeling of documents, arms and ammunitions, conclusive links to evidences. Just call us and you will realize what you can achieve in proving your worth today!

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