FMCG Products

It is a well know fact that all economies thrive on consumerism. It is the manufacturer & consumer who are the most deprived for want of rightful information, be it origin of the commodity/product or transactional information, when accosted with fake or spurious products. We at IBHAAN realize that the counterfeit menace needs a lateral approach wherein the stake holders are provided with conclusive evidences of ownerships ON SPOT through comprehensive secure data aggregation, leading to speedy and economical dispute redressals. Ibhaan model is unique and yet simplistic when one faces the issue of Authentication as conclusive evidence.

We take pride in our custom designed security package designs and processes that not only assures confidence but also extends TRUST in the product/commodity when compared to cosmetic brand protection programs. Talk to us, you will realize that we understand the means to protect the vulnerabilities faced as we are consumers ourselves, first.

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