Document Security

Almost every individual, government agency and business owners generate documents, secure or otherwise that are processed on a daily basis, regardless of paperless office concepts. We at IBHAAN think otherwise!

Does physical ownership of document/s means a value to an individual?

The answer is invariably YES. The question we ask are the value of the documents, be it Education related documents such as mark sheets, certificate, awards, Personal - Health records, Birth and death certificates, Property & asset related documents, Bank, insurance documents, Judiciary related…..phew there are far too many documents that needs establishment of ownership.

IBHAAN’s DIGIPHYCS® based processes are designed to ensure failsafe establishment of document origin and establishment of ownerships. There are various security methods in this domain, but invariably they do not offer rapid decision support that act as conclusive evidences. Our programs are designed on a relatively new approach, wherein the relationship entities are bound through an integrated methodology that determines the evidences from the very inception of document origination / generation. This unique process assists all stake holders in a non denial mode of ownership and entity Identity determination, based on pre defined role based models.

Despite multitudes of high end security programs offered by competent entities, the hackers have a field day and the FAKEs emerge by the day causing financial strains, legal conflicts lacking processes of determination of proof of ownerships in short time frames.

You will be glad that you talked to us to learn and know how to protect your documents and your own brand values, with least liabilities in cases of legal disputes. Remember, it is your right to seek document’s origin, prior to your acceptance that are protected by IBHAAN”s relatively new approach of document security. Call us now; we are sure you will realize the value of your title ownerships.

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