Certificates, as name denotes are value documents of the recipients and the issuers. It is a value document that enables an entity to create livelihood based on value of merit through certifications. No wonder, the counterfeiters thrive on capitalizing this value document by forgery, impersonation and allied frauds.

We at IBHAAN, have deterministic approach to this subject, which are composite digital and physical appropriation of variable information/data measurable in both digital and physical modes. The differentiators are the mean denominator that is ownerships. The lateral thought processes of document protection at IBHAAN are new generation programs that comprises of Security features printing in dynamically variable modes, encryptions / decryptions, ON SPOT, Off/Online measurement of predefined parameters and the list is endless.

Just check with us as to how we design your Certificates protection programs and you will be glad that you did this. Remember, it is not just the security printing, but a new method that comprises of multilayered detection and determination of ownerships as conclusive evidences.

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