It has been a herculean task to auto manufacturers in detection of spurious products and assemblies. Classic case in India and perhaps world is the Vehicle and its components including License Plates. As a first line of Identification of a vehicle, the Number plates play a significant role as an OVERT identifier.

However, the number plates are easy to change and this makes it difficult to identify the ownerships. We at IBHAAN have developed a new method known as MAVISys™ (patent applied) i.e Multi Layer Vehicle Information System, comprising of RFID, Nanotags, Microdots, in association with our international partners and associates.

While the auto components are marked with Nano technology based markers, we design and develop composite applications for in field detection of spurious products during replacements and repairs. This is a unique proposition for consumer empowerment and insurance fraternity, as also for financial institution’s lending arms.

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